Croydon Reeves Corner fire — what did you see?

I’m trying to put together a clearer picture of events around the fire that burned down the House of Reeves furniture shop in Croydon on Monday evening. This isn’t part of a police investigation nor am I a journalist. I’m just a Londoner who wants to understand the situation better and help to tell the story.

If you were near Reeves Corner and you saw the fire at any stage or if you were in Croydon town centre on Monday evening you may be able to help.

Please leave a comment below (which will be public) or email me privately at [email protected] if you don’t want to leave a public comment. I’m also on Twitter as @adrianshort.

You don’t need to use your real name but if you’re happy to do that it’ll help.

Any email address you use in the comments below will not be published but I may use it to get in touch with you to follow up.

Please can you tell me:

  • Where were you and what did you see?
  • What time was that?
  • Did you phone 999 about a fire or anything else? At what time? What did they say? Use your phone’s outgoing call log to get the times of your calls.
  • Did you take any photos or videos? Are they online? Where and at what time were they taken?
  • Did you send or receive any text messages with other people who were in the area? What did they say and at what time?
  • Did you post to Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites about the situation in Croydon? What did you say and at what time? Please post any web links that you have.
  • Did you see any fire engines or other fire vehicles or staff in Croydon on Monday afternoon or evening? Where were they? How many vehicles were there? What were they doing? What time was that?
  • Did you see any police officers and vehicles in Croydon on Monday afternoon or evening? Where were they? How many vehicles were there? What were they doing? What time was that?
  • Where were the lines of police blocking off streets? At what time did you see those lines? Roughly how many officers were there on the line?
  • If you work in a shop or business in Croydon, what time did you close on Monday? What time do you normally close on Mondays? If you closed early, why did you decide to do that? How many staff were working with you on Monday?
  • Were there any problems using public transport such as services cancelled or stations/routes closed? Where and at what time?

Any help or information you can give is really appreciated. Together we should be able to build a clear picture of exactly what happened in Croydon on Monday and help to prevent a similar situation happening again.

Please post this page to your social networks so that others can contribute.

If you have any specific information about a crime or criminals connected to the Croydon riots please phone the police on 101.

Thank you for your help and for getting the word out.



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  1. I live on Church Street. The night in question was one of the scariest nights of my life. I can see House of Reeves outside my window (or the ruins, I should say).

    We decided to evacuate some point after 9pm, after seeing how bad the inferno at Reeves was getting.

    I took photos of the evening and they can be found on my photobucket url:

    I also Tweeted a lot (@totalkhaos)

    While I was outside, on the Tram Stop watching Reeves Corner burn, I noticed a LOT of hoodies and thugs milling about, crowing and laughing. I saw the riot police catching a woman who jumped from a flat opposite Reeves. They used their shields to cushion her fall. It was (I believe) the same woman that was featured in one of the most iconic images of the disturbances:

    I can not be certain what happened, but I firmly believe that the riot police had hemmed in the looters at the bottom of Church Street/Tamworth Road/Drummond Road. They needed a distraction to escape, hence the attack on the bus and the furniture store. This would of course divert the Police from catching them to protecting the public. And the fire crews would have been attacked too, I’m sure of that, hence the delay in their actions. Their safety is paramount too.

    I estimate the Police were outnumbered at LEAST 5 to 1. They, and the fire crew did the best they could do, under the circumstances.

    Finally, I have submitted the following YouTube videos to the police, which illustrates what happened in and around Church Street/Reeves Corner that night.


  2. Great info, Kevin. That’s exactly the what I’m looking for. Many thanks.