Website Development and Graphic Design

Graphic design is one of the most important fields in website development and presentation of your brand, products/service or/and company to the online audience. It combines colours, images, content, layout, etc. to create a special visual effect which in turn is supposed to arouse a particular response from the website visitors. In most cases, website owners want to encourage their visitors to check out their products/service and ideally, click the “Buy” or “Order” button. However, graphic design can also communicate ideas, values, views, etc. and help build a specific image, boost brand awareness, appeal to a new target audience, etc. But only if done properly.

Beautiful Graphics Don’t Guarantee Success

As a website owner, you obviously want your website to look good, reflect your firm’s/business’ philosophy and of course, appeal to your target audience. Beautiful graphics, however, are not enough for your website to achieve its main goal. What is more, they may fail to produce the intended effect. This doesn’t mean that the first impression doesn’t matter and that you should avoid aesthetically appealing designs. On the contrary, the end results have to meet the company’s image, attract the visitors’ attention, stand out from the competition, etc. But it is important to keep in mind that beautiful graphics don’t guarantee success.

What you need is a design that presents your business in the best light and appeals to your target audience. However, you also need a design that arouses certain emotions in your target audience, encourage them to stay on your website and take action - buy your products/service, sign up to membership, click an ad or similar.

The Catch is in the Details

You would be surprised to know what a difference a simple thing as colour can make. Or font style for instance. A good graphic designer knows that even the tiniest details can have an enormous effect on the visitors, both in positive and negative sense.

For example, financial institutions, legal practitioners, health care providers and similar organisations/industries need to create a perception of trustworthiness, professionalism and authority. This is right the opposite to fashion companies and marketing agencies for instance, which typically want to create an impression of originality, inventiveness and creativity. The latter two qualities may sometimes be desirable when it comes to finances, law and medicine too, however, most people don’t want to entrust their savings to a ‘creative’ bank. Or have an open heart surgery by a ‘inventive’ surgeon. In other words, graphic design that fails to evoke the perception of qualities typically associated with a particular industry/field is highly unlikely to achieve the desired effect no matter how beautiful it looks.