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Why you shouldn’t buy the News of the World today

Nothing in its life became it like the leaving of it. We all know the story: 4000 people’s phones hacked. Milly Dowler. The murdered Soham girls. Families of dead soldiers coming back from Afghanistan. £100,000 paid as bribes to the police and a Met Police investigation that manifestly failed to find the truth. And evidence [...]

How to deal with #Twifakes

Twifakes is a spam website created by Cairo Noleto @caironoleto and Cleiton Francisco @cleitonfco. I’m sure they’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about it. You may have seen the website at which promises to tell you how many “fake” Twitter followers you have. Do not authorise this website. It tweets [...]

It’s easier to mash than to filter

A common social media dilemma solved: Imagine you’re running social media for a public library service. You’ve got ten libraries in the service and you want to use Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. How many accounts do you need?

Ode to a URL shortener, oh I love you so! Your API key lets me know Whether my links are worth a click Or whether I’m just talking sh*t.

Save the planet — ban cycle helmets

Save the planet – ban cycle helmets Ethical Consumer has a feature called “Love this, ban that!” which asks an assortment of the green and the good which saintly products they love and which evil ones they’d ban. Sadly, no-one took the opportunity to challenge the premise that banning things is the best way to [...]

Example “House Rules” for community forums

These are the (slightly modified) house rules I developed for Sutton Chat. If you’re starting a new community forum or blog and would like to use them as the basis for your own rules, please take them and modify them to suit you while giving attribution to Adrian Short under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 [...]

Francis Maude is wrong about Twitter and Flickr

Photo from Francis Maude, Creative Commons by-nc-nd UK licence. As news reaches us that Gordon Brown has shut down his public email address, Conservative chairman Francis Maude goes on the offensive: Gordon Brown is spending taxpayers’ money on the latest digital gimmicks, from Twitter to Flickr, but can’t be bothered to give out a simple [...]