Urban design

Aug 10

Sutton pedestrian crossings proposed for removal by TfL

Transport for London are proposing to review and possibly remove 145 traffic lights and pedestrian crossings across London.

Here’s a map I’ve made of the five crossings in the London Borough of Sutton that are under review.

Download the map data as KML for Google Earth etc.

Councillor Lester Holloway is campaigning to retain the crossing at Collingwood Road / Bushey Road as has been reported in the Sutton Guardian and on his blog.

Dec 09

What’s the point of a tweeting mobile library?

@SutMobLib Twitter screenshot

Last week I launched @SutMobLib, a Twitter account that tweets the location of Sutton’s mobile library in real time. No, I’m not sitting here all day sending messages. A program does that automatically. Every time the library gets to a new stop it posts up its location.

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Sep 08

Morden town centre regeneration consultation — a Plain English summary

Merton Council are running a consultation called moreMorden until 10 October 2008 on outline proposals for regenerating Morden town centre. What follows is my summary of the main consultation document (PDF) and its supporting fact sheet (PDF). I don’t work for the council, so these are just my words, not my ideas.

Members of the public and local organisations can make their views known via a paper questionnaire (PDF), an online form and unusually, on a moreMorden Facebook group.

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Aug 08

Hack your world

First came the guerilla gardeners, sowing seeds and planting plants in public places without permission.

Then there were the guerilla benchers, installing street seats where the local authority had been too poor or too mean to do it themselves.

On the web, a growing community of civic hackers has been building sites on top of public information to mash it up in new ways that the publishers hadn’t imagined or didn’t have the means or motive to build.

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Jun 08

The Stepford Wives of Worcester Park

To some it must seem the very vision of Utopia: an elegant New England-style enclave with neatly clipped lawns, docile residents and a 9pm curfew for social housing tenants aged under 15.

This is The Hamptons — not the real ones on Long Island, New York but a housing development in the south London suburb of Worcester Park.

But as ever there is trouble in paradise, or at least the contemporary spectre we call the fear of crime and “anti-social behaviour”.

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Mar 08

Caught short by Sat Lav

According to Westminster Council, the bulging bladders of that city’s denizens are an accident waiting to happen:

Every year 10,000 gallons of urine is at risk of ending up in the city’s streets and alleyways through irresponsible and anti-social behaviour.

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