Website Design - The Importance of Usability

Usability plays the key role in retention of website visitors and positive overall experience. In other words, whether visitors will stay on your website and check out your products/services or whether they will leave within seconds depends greatly on your website usability. So besides being attractive, aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching, your website design should also follow some usability standards in order to make the most out of your online presence.

Website Visitors/Target Audience Central for Website Usability

Before approaching to website design or revision of the existing design, it is of utmost importance to determine who are your website visitors or target audience in terms of computer/Internet proficiency. Obviously, you will have to pay a higher level of attention to usability if a typical visitor of your website has a limited computer/Internet proficiency in order to encourage them to browse your website and enhance user experience. But even if your target audience consists of web users with above the average computer/Internet skills, it is crucial to ensure they can easily, effortlessly and quickly navigate your website and find relevant information or products/services.

Usability Principles Every Website Design Should Incorporate

To make your website user-friendly, enjoyable and useful, you are recommended to ensure that its design incorporates the following principles/standards: